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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shabby Apple Dress Winner!!!!

To all of you that entered, thank you so much!! This was my first big giveaway and I am so grateful to each of you for helping to make it a success!!! Now, for the winner . . .

Number 47!!! And #47 is . . . . 

kluckingbear said...
I like Shabby Apple on FB as Tabitha Swain Klucking.
YAY!!! Kluckingbear you are the winner of the Amethyst dress from Shabby Apple, I'm so JEALOUS!!!! Please shoot me an email at: with the following info:
1. Name
2. Address
3. Phone number
4. Dress size
5. Email address


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jacket ReFashion

My Grandma gave me this jacket . . . As you can see from the pic it is most definitely a bit dated (MAJOR SHOULDER PAD-AGE) and the sleeves are too short and overall in desperate need of a reincarnation!!! She gave the jacket to my Aunt to give to me but I didn't actually get it until after my Grandma passed in February. I knew that if I didn't give it a makeover it would just sit in my closet until the end of time. And I wanted to do something that Grandma would be proud of and something that I can treasure and think of her whenever I look at it.

The first thing I thought to do was turn it into pillows!!! I knew that I could keep them forever and everyday when I make my bed, yeah right, I can see them :)

I don't have a step by step because I didn't have a set plan, I just went at it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shabby Apple Women's Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!


Shabby Apple, seller of FABULOUS Women's, little girl AND maternity dresses, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in partnering with them for a GIVEAWAY. "Uhhhh, come again? You want little 'ole me to giveaway one of your AH-MA-ZING dresses??!!  Well, of course I said yes and jumped into action!!

I first started out by browsing their amazing selection of Women's dresses. Seriously, have you ever been over there to check them out??!! The selection is to DIE FOR!!! I spent over an hour pouring over EVERY.SINGLE.THING. Get a bucket out to put under your mouth cuz you are about to drool!! Seriously, let me introduce you to some of my favs!!

Anne and Andy
 The Anne and Andy comes in 12 different colors!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I was a little rusty but . . .


 I made this Birthday cake for my mom's boss's 50th B-day surprise party this last weekend.  I hadn't made a cake of this magnitude, or any magnitude for that matter, in over 3 years. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to pull it off, but I guess it was like riding a bike.  I was a little slow at first, but in the end I was a "pro".

It turned out pretty good, didn't it? Everyone at the party loved it and I really enjoyed making it. In the past when I've made a wedding cake I almost loathed it by the end. I think part of that was because I felt more pressure to perform well, considering it was for someones wedding, the BIGGEST day of their life!!

Anyway, I hope you all enter my dress giveaway, I'm really excited about it and would hate to only have 6 people enter :(

These past few months have been rough for me. My grandmother passed away unexpectedly in February and with Phil being gone til June I just sort of found myself in an all around funk. And to top it off, we are FINALLY moving out of my parents house into a brand new townhouse and I've been busy preparing for that.  We've been at my parents for 3 years and as a result have absolutely NO furniture other than beds. So, I've been thrifting and shopping like a crazy lady. It's been a lot of fun, but a lot of stress too!!

 I'm working on my new project posts, in my hiatus, I seemed to have forgot how time consuming writing a post is!! ANYHOO, I just wanted to show you my cake creation and pump you up for some fun projects. Also, I'm thinking about biting the bullet, paying for an inlinkz subscription and bringing "Show us what you're workin' with Wednesday" back . . . what do you think?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hold on to your hats!!!

I have THREE projects to show you and a Shabby Apple dress GIVEAWAY!!!! Now, I just have to upload all the pics and get to gettin!!! Check back later today!!!!!!!!