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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spooky Monsters

Funny story about these guys ... I was doing my usual late night craft blog reading and I came across these cute little guys, at this site. They are just empty jars, tissue paper, mod-podge and black paper TOTALLY EASY. Click here for the HOWTO. Anyway, I knew that I was going to make them and seriously the next day I got an email from the Relief Society saying that we were making these for an upcoming craft night. HAHA funny right? Well maybe not really, but I thought it was.

Anyway, she shows them with white twinkle ligts strung in them but I like the tea-lite idea better because I can move them wherever I want and I don't have to worry about the cord sticking out. Seriously, you should make these, they would even be a cute little neighbor gift or something.
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Google Reader?

Ha! So a shout out to Emily for introducing me to Google Reader!! I HAD no idea that there was an easier way to "follow" blogs ... Seriously!! I am a blog lame-o, but now I use google reader. Anyway, Emily helped me to realize that some of you LOVELIES may "follow" by using that lovely tool or something else called an RSS feed (if that's even what it is). So, my point you ask? If you "follow" by some other method than actually following or you follow the old fashion way and I don't already have your address or live within walking distance :) shoot me an email with your address so I can send you your gift. mrssievers (at) gmail (dot) com. Seriously, I will send you a gift and you will LOVE it!! Emily, this includes you lady!!

Also, I know that my tiny little craft blog isn't going to be huge like some of the others, but I still like the idea of giveaways and things. I like getting my stuff out to people, besides I have WAY more than I will ever be able to use. And it gets the word out. I also LOVE the idea of inspiring someone to try a project or just to get their creative juices flowing :)

One more thing, I know that I don't have any little boy stuff on my ETSY store, but I'm working on getting some stuff put together. So those without little girls (myself included) can have something great for our little guys.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Spooky Halloween Decor

I had some extra 6x6 wooden plaque's lying around so I thought I would make this cute little Frankenstein Door or Wall or anywhere you like Hanger. I hand painted the Boo and the frankenstein (I'm sure you can tell by the clumpy paint, it took a few re-dos) then I sanded the edges, drilled 2 holes, added some ribbon and that was it!! The finished result turned out just like I envisioned. But next time I will use glow in the dark paint for the Boo so it will be extra Spooky. I think I may hang it on the Mail Center in the entry way upstairs ... I will post a pic of wherever I decide to rest it for the next month.

Countdown to Christmas

I LOVE the idea of counting down to the major holidays ... and CHRISTMAS is the major-est (I know that's not a word) Anyway, its a 30 day countdown and a super cute idea. i painted and sanded the wood then added cute Christmas paper. I cut the letters and numbers out of vinyl on the Cricut machine and TA-DA!! I'm also working on a birthday countdown. What little kid wouldn't love to change the numbers every day as their special day draws near?!?!?! I think I will put these on my ETSY store. Not that any of you would be interested in buying any of these cute ideas ;) wink wink ... BUT, if you are, let me know and we can get you squared away with Paypal or if you live near by we can work that out too.

SUPER-DUPER cute "Literate" Pumpkins

Once again I stole an idea from another crafting blog, this one to be exact. I came across her blog while reading this blog, I LOVE when that happens!! Anyway, I LOVED the idea and ran out to D.I that night and picked up 3 books for $3.75!!! After adding the ribbon they maybe cost a total of $6.00 .... SOOOO CHEAP AND FUN!! But, it took about 2.5 hours total to make them ... making the $6.00 not as exciting as it was before I started. HaHa. I think you should all try your hand at these. After halloween I am going to change the ribbon and the Jack-O-Lantern face and make them Thanksgiving-ish, then Christmas, and Valentines and oh the possibilities are ENDLESS!! Oh, I guess I should tell you how to make them ... super easy:
1. Get a paperback book and make sure that the spine is super worked in and it bends easily
2. start folding each page in towards the spine (I used a bone folder to make the folding quicker and crisper)
3. once you have folded all of the pages glue the first and last pages to each other, add some ribbon and/or scary Jack-O-Lantern faces and VOILA!! you have your literate pumpking or just a cool decoration to put on a shelf or bookcase. If you make these I want to see pictures!! I have a cute idea in my head using this technique but a snowman ... I will definitely post the results.

A Line Dress and Bucket Pants

I wanted to take pictures of Bucket and his cousins so I made this little dress for Miss Hadlee and these pants for Bucket .. thats why I call them Bucket Pants :) I didn't use a pattern for either of them and it was surprisingly easy. The detail on the front of the dress isn't as perfect as I would like but I'm learning that everything doesn't always HAVE to be perfect. I made the pants by tracing a pair of his existing pants. I wanted the pants to grow with him as he gets taller so I added the yellow lining that makes an extra cute cuff while folded up. I also plan on making a tie out of the same fabric for Tyden, the kids are SOO excited to all coordinate!!

Fabric Note Cards

I came across this SUPER cute and SUPER easy idea on this blog, she has TONS of cute ideas and FABULOUS tutorials! I figured that I could totally make these just out of all the scrap fabric I have. Seriously though, they are super easy and are super cute!! They are perfect for quick little notes or even the Christmas ones are fun for a quick and cute handmade Christmas card, and they are MUCH cheaper than store bought!! I know that some of you that read my blog are crafty women, so if you decide to make these, please post some pictures and let me know. I would LOVE to see what you come up with!