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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Girly-Girl Lunch Box

This little turkey is my niece Kennedy. She lives in Florida ;( and starts kindergarten this year. She gets to go to full day kindergarten, which I think is pretty awesome!!! I figured that since she is a big kid now she needs her own fabulous lunch box. So ... I made her this:

Super cute right?? I KNOW!!! It was super easy too, and it didn't cost much at all!!! It started out as a plain, pink metal box that I got at the craft store for like $5. I went through my paper stash and used mod-podge to adhere the paper to the box. I did one piece of paper at a time and let the glue dry completely before adding the next piece of paper. I wanted all the paper to be covered in mod-podge to help protect it from food or any sort of liquids that may come in contact with it.

Once that was all dry I added the bejeweled princess crown sticker, it was $2. The K is a wooden letter that I got for $.30 and painted green. I hot glued the jewels on, then used glossy accents (you could also use the new mod-podge dimensional stuff)to cover all the stones. This dries hard and coats everything, like resin, and keeps the stones from falling off.

The sides were looking too boring, so I glued some large jewels on and tied a bunch of matching ribbons onto the handle.

When I was in Elementary School, my favorite part about taking a lunch was that my mom would always write a note on my napkin. I looked forward to it everyday. I wanted Miss Kennedy to be able to experience the same thing so I did this ...

CHALKBOARD PAINT!!! Seriously, there are a zillion and one ways to use the stuff and I LOVE 'EM ALL!!! I painted the entire inside of the lid (and the sides too) and let it dry in between coats, I did 3 coats total. The next day I cured it by rubbing chalk all over and then wiping it off. Now my SIL can write little love notes or draw pictures and Kennedy will love it!! After doing this I realized that since the box is metal, a magnet would stick. So, I made one of these ...

I didn't have any plain magnets, so I just used a little scrapbook magnet that I have had forever!! She worked like a charm!!

So, now my SIL can write a quick note on the chalkboard, or write something on a cute little piece of paper and use the magnet to hold it in place!!

And here it is with the re-usable bag I posted about yesterday. SOOOO CUTE RIGHT??!!! I love it soooo much, I wish I had somewhere to go everyday so I could have my own!!


  1. Oh Jessica! I LOVE this. My oldest is starting kindergarten this year - I'll have to do one of these for her. My favorite part is the chalkboard paint on the inside for love notes - brilliant!!!

  2. Oh... I LOVE THIS. I'll have to remember it for when my little one starts. Great job!

  3. The outside is adorable, but the use of chalkboard paint inside the lid is TOTAL GENIUS! Love it! Thanks for sharing a great idea!

  4. This is so stinkin' cute! I love it!!!


  5. I LOVE THIS!!! Seriously. Can't wait to make one! Please check out www.JellybeanJunkyard.wordpress.com
    I have featured this idea!


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