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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Show Us What You're Workin' With Wednesday #11

Welcome to another Show Us What You're Workin' With Wednesday!! I am so thrilled by how this little ole blog of mine is growing and I have ALL of you to thank for it!!! Seriously, you are fabulous!! I had 75 entries last week and it grows a bit more every week.

Ok, on to my project for today ... My cousin gave me a pair of Aeropostale sweat pants that didn't fit her anymore. They fit me perfectly, BUT they were WAY too short. They are super comfortable so I decided to cut them off into capris. I just took the scissors to 'em and they are still comfy and great to wear around the house or to go for a run.

Anyway, after I cut the bottoms off I didn't want to just throw the scraps away, so I came up with this!!!

Uh yeah, I have absolutely NO makeup on in this picture so I cropped it down as much as I could, but unfortunately you can still see my face!!! But, isn't this little headband just the cutest ever?? And it was SOOO easy!!!

So, these are the cutoff pieces before I cut them up even more.

This decorative stitching ran along one side of the pant leg.

I cut up on both sides of the decorative stitching leaving me one long piece. *** I kept the decorative stitching piece, you will see later what I did with it ***

I cut 6 strips, about 3/4" wide, along the length of the the fabric.

I stacked up all 6 strips and stitched through all of them with a needle and thread.

I braided the strips together and ended up with this chunky braid. I know the middle is kinda ugly, but don't worry, I will cover it up later.

I cut two 1 1/2" strips the length of the fabric, and cut one of them in half at the seam. Following Amanda's tutorial, from Imperfectly Beautiful, I made 3 rosettes. 1 Large and 2 small.

After the rosettes were done I thought they looked a bit too plain, so I added some beads to the center of each of them with hot glue. You could stitch them down if you want, but I was tired and it was late, so hot glue it was :)

Before I attached the rosettes to the headband I stitched the two ends together and wrapped a piece of the decorative stitching piece, that I cut earlier, around to hide the stitches. Now my headband was ready.

I used the hot glue gun to attach the rosettes to the braid and VOILA!!! Super easy and free since I already had the beads!!

Oh I should probably tell you ... I have a very LARGE head so this headband fits me perfectly. You may want to measure your head before you start cutting, to make sure that it is going to not be too big or too small. And remember that there is SOME stretch to the material.

I really how this turned out, did I already say that??!! I can't wait to wear it out somewhere!!

I need to let you know where I'm linking this little girl up!!!

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  1. I have some sweatshirt scraps sitting around- this is the perfect project for them. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great project! I love turning old t-shirts into something fabulous. I wanted to let you know I am hosting Flower Week at my blog if you wanted to link up. I am also still looking for some guest bloggers and giveaways! Hope you'll stop by!

  3. OMG, that sweat pant head band is adorable!!

  4. I linked up a downeast basics inspired necklace i made then saw your tutorial for the exact replica under the "you might also like"! Your amazing!

  5. FOUND YOU! I hope you haven't disowned me, now that you realize how dumb I am!;) I really did link up this time.

  6. Hi! I hope you don't mind but I linked to this post because I made a headband like you did after seeing this.


  7. Hey, just stopping by to let you know you have an award waiting for you at my blog. Make sure you stop by and snatch it up! Love your BLog!

    JEnnie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  8. Haha! I love that these came from sweatpants! They are so classy now! Thanks for linking up!!

  9. Congrats! Your this weeks random blog pick for Creative Share at Trendy Treehouse! I love this project BTW! What an adorable headband. I have to make one!!!

    Come by to link up again and to see your button on display! ;-)


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