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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Features from last week's WYWW!!

I know I said that I was going to do this post last night after I folded the laundry, but . . . I fell asleep on the bed in the middle of the folding!! hahaha :) So, after a long day of zoo-ing and clean-ing and Home Depot-ing . . . I'm finally sitting down to my laptop to get this show on the road!!!

I'm diggin' this mason jar chandy that Kat over at "Measuring My Life in Love" made!! I know that these are quite popular right now and I've seen some of the price tags . . . YIKES!!! She didn't give the total price, but I have a feeling that it wasn't very much. Hop on over there and check it out!!

Ummm . . . I have no idea why this picture is sideways!! Oh well :) Mandy, from Mandy's Creative Corner, made these stuffed mushrooms that look TO-DIE-FOR!!! The hubs HATES mushrooms, but I love 'em, so I'm definitely going to be making some of these little beauties for myself!!

Check these out!! These little beauties are made out of masking tape!!!! Jessica, over at "Frenzied Mutterings of an Odd Duck" made these and stuck 'em to a canvas!!! Seriously, fabulous!!

As always, thank you so much for joining me every week!! You all inspire me and I LOVE IT!!!!


  1. Oh, that mason jar lighting is beautiful! Takes something old fashioned and makes it modern, and the ambient lighting is so soothing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love her mason jar lighting! She did an amazing job!!


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