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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Google Reader?

Ha! So a shout out to Emily for introducing me to Google Reader!! I HAD no idea that there was an easier way to "follow" blogs ... Seriously!! I am a blog lame-o, but now I use google reader. Anyway, Emily helped me to realize that some of you LOVELIES may "follow" by using that lovely tool or something else called an RSS feed (if that's even what it is). So, my point you ask? If you "follow" by some other method than actually following or you follow the old fashion way and I don't already have your address or live within walking distance :) shoot me an email with your address so I can send you your gift. mrssievers (at) gmail (dot) com. Seriously, I will send you a gift and you will LOVE it!! Emily, this includes you lady!!

Also, I know that my tiny little craft blog isn't going to be huge like some of the others, but I still like the idea of giveaways and things. I like getting my stuff out to people, besides I have WAY more than I will ever be able to use. And it gets the word out. I also LOVE the idea of inspiring someone to try a project or just to get their creative juices flowing :)

One more thing, I know that I don't have any little boy stuff on my ETSY store, but I'm working on getting some stuff put together. So those without little girls (myself included) can have something great for our little guys.

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