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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Awesome Fabulous-ness from WYWW #12

Another week has FLOWN by ... which means its time for my favorites from last week!! And let me tell you, they are great!!! And I had more links this last week than ever before, you all rock!!!!

Alix, from Shadywood Chic, came up with this TOTALLY easy and BEYOND fabulous cabinet transformation. You need get over there and check it out!!

Ashley, from No Apologies, made this DARLING alphabet wall art!! Go check out how she did it!!!

I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I heart made this UBER-AWESOME canvas using paper from magazines!!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my cabinets! I'm thrilled you enjoyed them as much as I do and hopefully they will inspire others!


  2. Aww! Thanks for the feature! I just made another collage for a friend's wedding present and it is posted today. I've had several requests for them now so I see lots of them in my future. My fingers are quivering in anticipation for the mod podge abuse they will suffer ;)

  3. OMH (Oh my Heck!) I am so excited that you chose to use my alphabet wall art in your feature! It is my first time sinc I joined this awesome Crafty Blog WOrld! Thank you so much! I love your sight and will continue linking up with you!!!


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