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Monday, May 10, 2010

Guest Post from Meg at A Little Knick Knack

Hello All!

I'm thrilled to be guest blogging at Jessica's today! She has such a wonderful blog and FUN ideas. It's been great getting to know her through blogging and emailing back and forth.

My name is Meg and I'm from A Little Knick Knack. I have 3 young children that keep me on my toes most of the day. The nights are mine, though, so I use them to make our house a home and find fun new projects for the kids to learn, grow and explore. I learn a lot from fellow bloggers and am always happy to find kindred souls out there to share my crafty obsessions!

Now, on with the show!

My friend and I have been working on a project. We've been working on this project for weeks now. Not because it's time consuming (well, it is, but not this time consuming....). Life just got in the way of our little craft addiction.

We gathered out supplies....

....to make a wooden block calendar. How hard could it be? Surely, not that hard! My partner in crime took it upon herself to find some affordable solutions to our craft obsessions.

Ideally, we wanted to have an even, four-sided block of wood for the months. After raiding the remnants bin at Home Depot, she found an acceptable solution. The Home Depot guy even cut the wood for her for free! Way to work her magic! She ended up paying less than $1 for all of the wood. See how wonderfully thrifty she is?!?

The small blocks for the numbers were purchased from Michael's for $1 each.

We got together one afternoon to measure, cut and glue all the paper on the wood. And then we put the project aside, because, like I said....life got in the way.

Finally we were able to come back together today and proceed with the project. Friend-of-mine has one thing that was absolutely necessary (but not vital) for our project----a Cricut! Bless her! I have never used one before and can I say, I'm a total convert! Those things are AWESOME. On a side note, though, for those of us who usually don't have a Cricut at our disposal, the number & letter stickers from Michael's would have worked fine as well.

Anyway, we let the Cricut cut for us, and we glued and glued and glued. Then we sanded and sanded and sanded.

In the end, it all turned out pretty cute!

Thanks, Jessica for this wonderful opportunity!

Have a wonderful day!

OH MY GOODNESS!! Isn't this just so cute and fabulous??!!! I KNOW!!! I'm sure you all already read Meg's little slice of heaven, but in case you don't ... get your bum over there and get to it!!! Thanks Meg, you are awesome!!!

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