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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Show Us What You're Workin' With!!

I promised I would be here this week and here I am!! I don't have anything fun to show you . .. YET!!! But, I did bust out the Christmas Decorations today and I will post pics of the dining tablescape tomorrow!!!

I hope you all are well, and are getting into the Holiday spirit!! I sure am!! It's funny, one would think that this would be a year that I wouldn't be so excited for the holidays (due to all the financial and physical setbacks as of late). Yet, I think it's because of those setbacks that I'm stoked!!! I've realized that it's not about money and gifts but of charity of love. I was at the Dollar Store today and I could overhear the checkers asking each customer if they would be willing to buy a toy to donate to military families. I was shocked/apalled by how many people said "no"!!! I mean, come on . . .it's $1 and it's for the kids/families of the men and women that risk their lives for you on a daily basis!!! Maybe I'm extra sensitive about it because I'm part of a military family. But, it saddens me how we've got so caught up in ourselves and our own lives that we have forgotten what this time of year really is about . . .

Enough of the rant!!! let's see what you are workin' with!!!


  1. I totally agree with you. 1st we are SO BROKE right now but I'm excited too, about the holidays. There are SO many things I have planned to make for our home and for my Alie. I kinda like that making everything instead of buying it. I few weeks ago some terrible storms rolled thru PHX and destroy this Church's food pantry. We were at Dollar Tree not too long after that and they asked us if we wanted to buy some food for that Church's food pantry. We said yes but when she tossed the box into the huge donation box it clunked when it hit the bottom. There was only 3 other things in the box. It really made me sad.

  2. I am happy to say lots of folks where buying a toy at our local Dollar Store. Everytime someone bought a toy they announced it over the loud speaker...I think any cheap-0's would have really stood out so their Grinch hearts grew and they bought a toy with the other good folks.

  3. Hi! I just discovered your blog and your fabulous party! Maybe it's because I so rarely do crafts! :-) But, I'm a new follower now and so excited to see what everyone has been up to and get some great inspiration!


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