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Monday, January 24, 2011

White Box for blog pics

My AWESOME dad bought me the most AWESOME gift for Christmas!! Wanna see???

It's a fabulous little desktop light box PERFECT for those finished project pics!!! I've been dying to set it up and see how fabulous it is and I finally did it. Yeah, I set it up on the carpet, but that's only because my craft is room is a D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R and I'm afraid that it would get lost in there, seriously :)

This fabulous little set came with the 2 lights and the diffusers for each light. The white box, 4 clips to allow me to change the background, the green and blue background cloths pictured, and a white and a black one!!!

I need to work on my picture tacking techniques, and to edit the background so it looks smooth, but that will come with practice. Do you love my subject in this picture? Bucky INSISTED that I take a picture of his dump truck. If you think that is funny, wait until you see the collage at the end of the post!!

This is more realistic of the types of items I will be photographing :) Once again, I need to work on the lighting position to eliminate the glare on the glass, but I'm excited to practice!!!

In the past I've always taken my pictures outside and on white foam board but now I don't have to anymore!! YAY!! Didn't my dad do an awesome job??!!

Ok, here is the collage I was telling you about . . .

He climbed right up in there and thought it was a little playhouse for him!! Seriously, I couldn't get him out of it. He just kept sitting there and saying cheese :) Of course I had to document the silliness, but DON'T JUDGE his Whiskey Tango-ness . . . seriously, the crusty nose and cookie crumbs, and "just got out of the shower" hairdo. I PROMISE that I didn't realize how bad it looked while I was taking the pics!! LOL!!!

He is so funny, oh and that one pic with the front of the box zipped up, uhh yeah he was still in there!!!


  1. Haha- I just bought that random bag of wood stuff from Dollar Tree today to fill up a bird cage I've got :)

  2. I just got one of these too! I am practicing with it and haven't quite figured out the background either, but I'm excited to try something new!


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