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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halloween Luminaries

I'm on a bit of a Halloween Decor kick lately!! The season change is quickly approaching and I've already got Bucket's costume pattern and ready to go. I'M GETTING EXCITED!!! Anyway, I decided to make a few new luminaries to add to my collection, and of course I put a set on ETSY as well :)

I started with some Cylinder vases from $TREE. I used mod-podge and white tissue paper that I cut into strips, and applied them to the OUTSIDE of the glass. Once it was dry I used some watered down brown paint to age the paper a bit. Then I used my CRICUT and SCAL to cut out some spooky black images out of cardstock and then mod-podged 'em on. Throw a t-lite inside and VOILA!! They look awesome right? And sooooo easy, kinda time consuming but still easy!!

Bats are creepy, but PERFECT for Halloween.

This haunted house is my favorite!!

and lastly, this nasty crow!! I'm not a fan of birds or other flying creatures, you could say I'm a tad bit terrified. Luckily this guy won't come to life and fly around anytime soon!!

And here they are unlit . . . If you make some, I wanna see!!!


  1. these are so cute. I may have to give them a try!

  2. They are super cute but I'll have to skip the bat one as we had a live one flying in our dining room last week. eeeekkkkk!!!!!!!!

  3. These are too cute. I so need an electronic diecutting machine.

  4. These are FABULOUS! And yet another reason I want a cricut.

  5. These are so cool! I'm not supposed to know but I'm getting a CriCut for my birthday(said with excitement)!
    I'm a new follower. Hope you can follow back :)

  6. Thank you for posting, they are very nice! I'm your new follower!

  7. Found you through Tip Junkie... and love this idea. Where did you find your images that you cut out? I need to find some that I can cut out with my CriCut and SureCutsALot. Thanks!

  8. I just made some today!! They are so cute - love how easy and inexpensive they were to make. You can check the ones I made at
    Thank you for the idea!!

  9. These are such great ideas ! Will definitely try it.

  10. These are awesome!!! I’m going easy on the Halloween d├ęcor this year and mainly decorating for fall but these bad boys may be just want I need to add a little Halloween love in our home.

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  11. What a clever idea! And they look awesome! I'm happy to be your newest follower! :o)

    ~ ~

  12. Deb,

    what is your email address? I will shoot you over all the images I have :) I actually just got clip art and/or silhouettes from the web and turned them into SVG files, do easy!!

  13. I love these!! Planning on making them with my mom and sister tomorrow night. Is it possible to get the images from you? I have a cricut, but haven't yet figured out how to make images svg files.


  14. These are simply marvelous! I can't wait to try them!!

  15. These luminaries are absolutely adorable! I'm writing a post about craft cutter project ideas and am planning on linking your project up to the gallery. Let me know if that's okay with you.

    Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl


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