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Monday, October 18, 2010

My First Boutique!!!

So, I was contacted last Friday and asked if I would like to be a vendor at a boutique, THIS FRIDAY!!! A weeks notice isn't much time, especially since I was asked if I could offer something for a raffle AND goodies for 50 swagbags. Obviously I was hesitant because that's A LOT of work in 7 short days. We've had received some rather devastating financial news earlier in the day and I felt like being asked to do this wasn't a coincidence, so I said yes.

So, I have to come up with something for the SWAG bags and I am kinda stressin about it because I don't want to have to buy any supplies . . . I was thinking about making some Christmas gift tags. What do you think? I've never actually made any, but I figure with the Cricut I can whip 'em up quickly. Oh, but what is your opinion on how many gift tags I should put in each bag? And how should I present them, I don't really want to just toss 'em in the bags. Maybe use those clear treat bags and tie a bow? This is my first boutique and I just want to be prepared and make a good impression. Obviously, I'm crafting away this week like a crazy woman and I still need to come up with some sort of Business card and price tag design. Holy Moly!! I was thinking I would just run the business cards off on the printer, not my first option but I don't really have time to send out for them.

Ummm . . . the more I think about and type about how much I have to do, I'm thinking that I may have been delirious when I said yes, hahaha!!! Ok, better get back to work!!! Oh wait, if ANY of you darlings are in Utah County or Salt Lake (and you don't mind a drive) PLEASE stop by and say hi, I would LOVE to meet you!!!


  1. Good luck! If I didn't live so far away (Texas), I'd offer to help out. :) Keep in mind that simple can be sophisticated (and easier). So maybe 2 or 3 tags in a cello bag tied with a ribbon and a business card. Speaking of business cards, Vistaprint.com offers free business cards (you pay shipping--look under "specials/free") and you can do 3 day rush shipping. Check it out, it might save you some time and stress. Hope this helps!

  2. Good luck, can't wait to hear how it went. I have never been to a boutique before.

  3. I'm in MN so way too far but I'll be thinking about you!! HAVE FUN! :-)

  4. Best of luck! I just displayed at my first festival this past weekend and it was a lot fun! Don't stress, you will do great!


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