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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Well . . . I have good news and bad news

Let's start with the bad news . . . the craft fair yesterday didn't turn out the way I had hoped. The turnout wasn't that big and it seemed like most of the people that did come just wanted the free swag bag. I made two sales and one of them was to my mother in law. Kinda sad . .. I ended up buying something from another vendor so I ended up with a whopping $3!!! hahahaha can you believe it?? At least 3 bucks is better than no bucks!!! So that's kind of a bummer but I met some great new ladies!!

Now some good news . . I was thinking about putting together my own little Holiday boutique. I don't know how many of you live in the Salt Lake Valley area but I would LOVE for some of you to join me. It will be a great time!! Even if you don't have an ETSY store you could bring some of your crafts and trinkets!!

Let me know if you would be interested or if you know anyone else that would like to do it!!!


  1. Sorry your turn our wasn't very great at the boutique. I've had those before... kind of feels like a waste of a day! Just keep thinking that your name is out there now and people will be calling for orders! :) If I lived in Salt Lake, I would join you for your boutique!

  2. I had the same result at a boutique I did last year...it's a total bummer. I live in SLC and depending on when you are planning it, I would love to participate. I make jewelry (http://www.etsy.com/shop/TsETC).

    -Teri (terilt@gmail.com)

  3. Im sorry to hear about your boutique. i tryed selling some things a few weeks ago and the same thing happened. I think it might be because no one has money....including me. I think people are trying to hold on to their cash.:(

  4. Great idea! Let me know when and where and I'll let people know about it. Just keep trying!


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