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Monday, March 15, 2010

Friend Makin' Monday

Amber, over at AE Filkins, hosts a fabulous weekly even called "Friend Makin' Monday". I stumbled across it tonight and decided to join in on the fun. You totally should join too, it's fun to spend a few minutes thinking and reflecting!!

I am.... super tired yet I'm up blogging, story of my life :)

I think.... that life is too short to stress the small stuff

I should... wake up at 7 to go for a run

I dream.... of a full nights sleep

I want.... another baby

I know... that we will get pregnant when the time is right

I don't like.... crazy Utah drivers ... seriously, 50 in the fast lane cuz you are talkin on your cell phone!! NOT COOL!!

I smell... my coconut shampoo

I hear.... nothing except the sound of my fingers on the keyboard

I fear.... when Phil leaves for OCS next month and I'm on my own for 3 months

I usually... speak my mind

I search... the D.I at least twice a week ;)

I miss.... working. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mommy, but sometimes I find myself missing the 9 to 5.

I always... lock the car doors as soon as I get in the car.

I regret.... not going to college

I wonder.... what/who Bucket will grow up to be

I crave.... lemons with salt. SOOO bad for my teeth, but I love 'em!! My mouth is watering right now!!

I remember... August 8, 2009, The day we became an eternal family

I need..... to lose some weight

I forget.... to let the dog back in the house after he goes potty

I feel.... like my eyes are on fire ... SUPER TIRED!!

I can.... do anything I set my mind to, thanks dad!!

I can't.... snap with my right hand or whistle or curl my tongue

I am happy.... when I'm with my family

I lose..... EVERYTHING, seriously

I sing.... whenever one of my jams is on :)

I listen... to all types of music, EXCEPT that crazy heavy metal screaming stuff ... that's NOT music!!

I shop..... anywhere and everywhere

I eat.... anything, not picky at all

I love.... sushi, Bucket and Phil

that was sooo much fun, I can't wait to do it next week to see how different my answers are!!


  1. I completely understand knowing that "when the time is right" the time will be right! It is just really hard waiting and being patient and not getting frustrated. Nice to meet you ;-)

  2. I, too, can't snap with my right hand! Here I was, thinking I was alone in this. Good to know I'm not!

    I really enjoyed reading your list! Great to meet you @ FMM!


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