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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Fling Gift Swap!!!

My Bloggy-friend Lori over at Life as Lori, hosted her very first spring fling gift swap!! It was soo much fun. I'm sure you all already frequent her little piece of paradise, but in case you have been living under a rock and haven't been, go there right now!! ANYWAY, a handful of ladies (myself included) signed up to take part in this fun little event. Lori drew names and paired us up. Then we all bought or made gifts for our partner that related to spring and shipped 'em off. I was paired up with Lori, and I'm not gonna lie ... I was SUPER nervous about it!! I mean, it is her party and I had to make a good impression right??!?! Seriously, I stressed over it, ask the hubs :)

So, let me show you the goods!!!

- 2 Hummingbird feeders, FUN!!
- Oh can't forget the Hummingbird Nectar, so SMART of her to include it!!
- Bath Puff, LOVE these!!
- Scented dissolving petals for the tub, I LOVE me a bath :)
- Cute metal tin with flowers and a cute Butterfly
- Mani/Pedi set ... I TOTALLY needed one!!
- Ocean Breeze scented candle, it's burning on my night stand as I type!!
- Tranquility c.d ... I listened to it in the bath tonight :)
- Magnetic Note pad ... LOVE these things, so handy!

This is my FAVORITE!!! A Super cute tassel with a bird on top!!!!

Super cute Windchime ... Bucket loves it!!

This windsock is so cute and I love the lady bugs on it ... I can't wait to hang it up at the new house!!

Can you believe all the LOOT I got??!! Seriously, this was such a fun thing to do and I am definitely participating next yer. If you are bummed that you missed out and don't want to wait until next year ... Lori's equally awesome sister, Lynette, is hosting a SUMMER gift swap. So, go check out her blog and follow it so you know when the swap starts!! Back to the party at hand, have you noticed how easily sidetracked I am?? SHEESH!! Lori, thank you so much for doing this!! You are beyond fabulous and I think you should move to Utah so we can be real life friends too!!


  1. She thought of everything.
    What a fun box to open and enjoy!

  2. Oh my goodness...Lynette (Lori's sister) and I were paired up and I guess great minds think (or shop) alike...:) I was ecstatic about all my amazing gifts and lucky you got some of the same things:) Even funnier thing...I'm in Utah as well....why do I find it so funny?! I'm so glad I participated too!

  3. What great "Spring" gifts you received!

  4. That is some great loot! I love the wind sock and the tassel! Perfect spring accessories! :)

  5. Glad you liked all your stuff!!! I love mine!!! BTW, Lynette and I did go shopping together...LOL I even bought the tassel from her.
    Thanks for playing.

  6. LoVe all of your LOOT! So much FuN! I really enjoyed participating - it's always FuN to receive a package with your name on it!

  7. WOW!! I love all the stuff Lori sent. You are going to be living the pampered life with all these goodies. You and the hummingbirds! lol! I love the way you displayed everything on the poster board. What a neat idea. I will have to borrow it for the Summer Fling. Wasn't this fun? Love your wind chimes and tassel, too.

    Hope you are having a great St. Paddy's Day! :-)



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