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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HMMM ... I was thinking

How many, if any, of you live in the Salt Lake/Utah/Davis County area? I ask because I saw this great segment on Studio 5, you may have as well, about swap parties.

Have no idea what I'm talking about? Well, a bunch of ladies get together and they bring things from their home that they aren't using anymore, or something that never quite worked the way they had hoped. Pretty much anything that is in good shape and that you think someone else may like. Anyway, you bring all the goods and then we all go through and "shop" the selection. All in attendance leave with new goodies that didn't cost them a PENNY and we get to meet/mingle and enjoy some great food.

So .... I was thinking that it would be tons of fun to have one and invite my bloggy-friends. How does that sound? Would you be down for it? It would be tons of fun and it would be so fun to get to know all of you. And you could bring your friends if you want!!!

I hope you are as excited about this as I am, and I'm really hoping that some of you live in the area!!!


  1. Wish I lived in that area, I would totally attend. I have TONS of stuff I'm sure others could find a use for.

  2. Ditto what Ashley said... wish you lived in South Florida!

  3. Yeah I totally would too - except you're across the country! Boo!

  4. I'm new to the area. I'm not sure I have that much stuff left after the move, but I'd love to meet new people and make friends... I can bring a cake!


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