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Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Features!!!

You all are so awesome!! I loved what you shared with us this week, and here are a few of my favorites!!!

Patriotic Art @ SSB

LOVE LOVE LOVE this patriotic art at SSB. Her little one made it and I think it looks PROFESH!!!

Decor Chick's Double Sided Flower Pots

Another Fabulous idea from Decor Chick!! Soooo many houses around here have windows like this above their door and I think it's such a brilliant little idea!!!

This Thrifty House: Spray Painted Pillows

SERIOUSLY??!!! Spray Painted pillows??!!! These look like something straight outta PB!! Am I right?? I know!!! Hop on over to these lovely blogs and show 'em some love!!!


  1. AAAWWWW!!! Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by MY blog & for LOVING on my pillows! Sharon@thisthriftyhouse.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you so much Jessica for liking my flower pots and featuring them!! Woohoo!!!


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