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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tufted Button Wall Art

Here is my version of a simple and easy tufted wall art. I spent nothing on it, since I already had EVERYTHING on had, don't you love when that happens??!!!

I know, this pic is kinda crappy, but I want to keep the "whole view" picture til the very end!!! haha, ok, let's get down to it ... I started with 2 pieces of leftover shelving from the closet makeover. They were already cut and the perfect size so I didn't have to do anything, AWESOME!!! Miss Morgan, over at Meet Virginia, made some tufted art too, but she used a thrifted canvas. Anything will work, you could probably even use thick cardboard or foam board. Seriously, the cheaper the better!!!

I laid some batting on the wrong side of the fabric I was using and cut them both to the SAME size. The thicker the batting, the deeper your tuft will be. *** I did this so when I attach the fabric to the back of the wood there will be a bit of a cushion, so the wood and staples wouldn't scratch the wall *** I centered the wood on the batting and used my staple gun to attach the fabric/batting to the back. Do the center of the edges first then do the corners. Fold the edges under so it gives you a clean and crisp hem. *** don't know why, but I can't find the picture of this step ... it's pretty self explanatory though, but let me know if you have questions ***

You'll end up with something like this.

Now it's time to make the "tufts" ...

Before you do anything you'll need to decide where you want the tufts to be. Just measure them out and mark them. I used a pen mark, they will be covered up so don't worry about it showing :) Once again I used the staple gun to make the "tufts". It worked like a champ and was super easy.

Here is a pic of all the tufts. Now it's time to make the "buttons" to cover up the staples.

I used these large thumb tacks that are for quilting frames. You could also use buttons, or button covers. I already had the tacks so I just made do :) I hot glued the pin head to a scrap of coordinating fabric. You'll want to trim the fabric down to a circle, leaving just enough to wrap under. I used a bit of hot glue to adhere to the underside.

This is what I ended up with and I used a pair of wire cutters to snip off the pointy part.

Here are my faux buttons all ready to go. This pic is totally unnecessary, but I like the way it looks. haha

Hot glue the "buttons" over the staples. These tacks covered the staples perfectly!!! You can see that I only have a slight tuft, but remember that the thicker the batting, the deeper the tuft.

That's it!!! Here they are above our bed. Cute right? The hubs LOVED them!! It was the first thing that he said when he walked into the room. :) Every morning, when I make my bed, I look at my silhouette pillows and fall deeper in love with them!! Seriously!! If you missed those, check out how I did it here.


  1. That is so cool Jessica I LOVE it!! Your pillows ROCK!

  2. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Check back today... it's a cute one!! By the way, I am going to be doing a giveaway tomorrow, so add me to your sidebar links to get a head start!! :)


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