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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Show Us What You're Workin' With #18!!

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I apologize for being MIA last week, things got so hectic the week before I left that I totally forgot to take one of you dolls up on your offer to host!! MY BAD!! Here is a pic to show you what I was doing last week ...

This super cute guy became an OFFICER in the US Army!!! Totally awesome right? I'm so proud of him I can hardly stand it!!!

Anyway ... on to my simple and super easy project!!

I made this quick and easy reusable sandwich bag. I know this isn't an original idea, but I feel like my upcycle method is original.

I decided to try to do the collage method to show you what I did rather than posting all 8 pictures and making this post ridiculously long ... click on it to enlarge it. It's super easy, but let me know if you have any questions.

I started a party rule that says that you have to post back to my party somewhere on your blog or I will delete your link. UNFORTUNATELY, there were some at the last party that didn't link back. I didn't have the heart to delete them though since it was my first time having rules ... But, this week I won't be as easygoing ... as you know, it takes a lot of work to set up and do these parties every week. And you all spend time on your projects, and it's not fair if people aren't linking back because your projects aren't getting the "airtime" that they deserve. So, please, link back and we all can continue enjoying this party!!!

*** I have a cute lunchbox that goes with this bag that I will post tomorrow!!! Now that the hubs is back I'm kicking my blogging into FULL GEAR!! I actually toyed with the idea of retiring this baby, but I realized that I enjoy it too much and I've made too many cyber friends to throw it all away. NOW, LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!!! ***

I am linking up to some parties this week, I almost forgot how it's been so long!!! LOL :)

Whatever Goes Wednesday @ Someday Crafts


  1. This is super cute and I love love love the creating a collage idea for tutorials! I'm going to have to keep that in mind! :)

  2. I LOVE your sandwich baggy thing its so creative and fun! Glad you had a great week! Thanks so much for hosting!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!!
    Meet Virginia!!!

  3. Great reusable sandwich bags! Thanks so much for hosting another fun party!! :)

  4. Thanks for hosting. I have you linked up through my Linky Love Library Page on my blog :)

    ~Lori S.

  5. I really like your collage step-by-step instructions! Sometimes it's a pain to scroll down through a whole project (especially if you're looking for something else further down :) Anyway, I hope more blogs catch on to that!

  6. hello dear, i am having a hard time editing my post so i won't be able to put your link at my blog this week. i am working on adding a link party tab to the blog. i will make it up to you. thank you so much for hosting

  7. congrats on your Army Officer. I happen to notice he is a Engineer. My husband is also a army engineer officer. He is totally super cute too. congrats to your family


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